Our Angels can communicate with us in the most unique of ways, you just have to open your mind and listen.
Understanding the four most common intuitive abilities, in simple terms……..

Clairvoyance1. Clairvoyance……..Visions, Clear seeing

Clairvoyance is an inner seeing, and is also known as the third eye, or psychic vision.
You may see pictures in your mind, or you may actually see them physically with your eyes.

It may come to you in a dream, or you may see it in a sign that appears before you.
You could be lucky enough to see orbs, flashing lights, moving objects, seeing repudiative numbers like 111 or 11.11.
These are all clear messages from our Angels.

2. Clairaudience……..Sounds, Clear hearing.

3. Clairsentience…….Feelings, Clear feeling.

Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages through feelings, emotions, or even physical sensations.
You may be overly sensitive to others energies around you, picking up what others are feeling, either mentally or even on a more physical level.
You may feel a spiritual presence around you, or a shiver that suddenly runs through you, taking you by surprise.

4. Claircognizance…… Knowing, Clear knowing.

This is a knowing, an ability to recognize sudden insights and understudying regarding a question or situation.
A clear knowing of the past, present and future within someones life.

Thinkers, gatherers of information, highly sensitive to many things emotionally and sometimes physically.
Do you have the ability to read people easily, and your initial thoughts on that person turn out to be correct?
You may have knowledge of certain places, events, situations, or people, without any real clear explanation as to why.

ClairvoyantWhat is a Clairvoyant?

A Clairvoyant is a person with the innate ability to gain information or insight about a person, place, or upcoming event.

Many clairvoyant readings are given using some form of tool, tarot cards being the most popular.
Other forms of divination tools used may be pendulums, crystal balls or runes for example.

What can a Clairvoyant reading do for you?

A clairvoyant will use their intuition to sense, feel, or see things about you that you may not be consciously aware of yourself. These can include specific areas of your life that the Universe wishes to bring to your attention.

Your Angels will only divulge what you are meant to hear at the time of the reading.

You may want to know your life purpose, or particular information on your future career path.

You may have genuine concerns about a relationship, and feel that you need some form of clarity or advise on the situation.

Maybe you have a personal problem, or are suffering from stress or anxiety and just need some help on how to get through this. Or you just might be struggling with how to approach or help a troubled family member or someone close to you. Some Psychics, such as Medical intuitives  can actually diagnose certain medical issues, and offer health advise in some particular areas.

Or in the case of psychic mediums, they can help you connect with a deceased family member, giving you confirmation, comfort, and peace. In short it is important to know the type of questions that you wish to ask beforehand, so you can then choose the psychic that best suits you specifically.

Factors to consider before getting a reading

Once you have decided that you would like to have a psychic reading, be sure to check them out carefully first. Beware of those who carry a gimmicky look to their website. Make sure that there is an in-depth profile available for you to read.

If the clairvoyant has customer feed back, be sure to read through this thoroughly, as it can give you some isight into how others actually found their advise and accuracy.

There are many psychic phone lines advertising on the internet today. Some are genuine, and others are not! sorry but this is a fact unfortunately! Some of the bigger psychic services proclaim to be Australian to get into our market, when it is clear that they are not. Like everything else out there today, you need to do your homework before engaging in a service that could not only be giving you false hope and scripted answers, but could also leave you questioning their honesty altogether.

Find a psychic that you know is genuinely gifted, and that you feel comfortable with, and stay with them.

Do not shop around getting different answers based on what you want to hear, as this will only end up costing you emotionally and financially in the long run.

You will only end up feeling more confused and unsure of what and who to believe.

So why get a psychic reading ?

There are a number of reasons as to why a reading can be beneficial to you.

Dispel worries……

Life can be difficult, and wondering wether you are taking the right steps or making the right choices in a particular situation, can not only be daunting but also confusing at times. Understanding where you went wrong and getting back on the right path, can mean the difference between an unfulfilled future,or one of pure happiness and contentment. Sometimes we just need some guidance to help us with our destructive behaviour, addictions, or just purely some valuable insight into a worrying situation in general.

Not only can a psychic reflect on future possibilities, but they can also provide you with new perspectives.

Love readings…….

Having difficulties in a relationship can not only be one of the most distressing and heartbreaking times to get through and understand, but it can also leave you feeling confused and unsure about the future
and where this actual partnership may be heading. Are we life partners or is there someone else waiting in the future. Should I hold on, or is it time to move forward.

Whether you have recently had a painful break up and are struggling for answers,or just need some spiritual guidance to get you through this challenging time in your life.

The right genuine and gifted psychic can help you to move forward again, giving you an honest and accurate reading that should leave you feeling empowered, irrelevant of the overall outcome.
They will help you to see the positives of a bad situation,  while guiding you to dispel all negative energies from your life.

You will be given the strength to get back up again, to take your power back, and to finally be happy again.

Many people have time constraints, yet would still like the advantage of being able to have a psychic reading.
Clairvoyant readings over the phone are a much quicker, more simple,  and easier way to experience this.
Michele and Tory understand this and have therefore made themselves available 24 hrs 7 days a week for phone readings. They are dedicated in providing their clients with the best possible service available , no gimmicks, no dishonesty, just genuine readings and guidance.

They can give you the answers to the most perplexing of questions, and have an impeccable reputation.

TRUE Psychic Readings LIVE !

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