Should You Trust Your Relationship with Psychic Readers?

Big names and top celebrities turn to psychic readers time after time to get answers about love, career and a host other life concerns.

And why not? Psychics have been a go-to source of answers to some of life’s biggest questions for decades.

The problem is, false psychics give the industry a bad reputation. They capitalise on the goodwill and trust established by legitimate practitioners, when they are just out for some quick cash. With so many companies offering phone psychic readings and online consultation, how can you be sure that you have a legitimate psychic?

Seek referrals from people you trust

Although not all psychics are created equal, genuine psychic readers should tell the same information, with just varying degrees of accuracy. The difference can be rooted to individual vocabulary and self-expression. Persons who have consulted psychics will know this. They know which psychics deliver genuine quality and accurate predictions.

Therefore ask a person whom you trust to recommend a psychic reader.


This is better than relying solely on online reviews. Remember that online you don’t have a way to vet if the commenters are trustworthy and don’t have a hidden agenda.  

Pay attention to your instincts

Even as you get recommendations from the people you trust, always pay attention to your gut.


If you have a bad feeling, chances are, something is amiss. A trusted testimonial together with the power of your gut feeling should get you a reliable psychic reader.

Learn upfront what the psychic’s specialisms are

Most psychic readers are competent in specific areas. A good psychic tell you what his/her specialisms are upfront.


Some psychics are competent in a couple of areas. While some can give readings only on life or soul, business, making decisions or career choices, others can give readings in all of these areas. With this, you can choose a psychic that knows how to give readings on relationships.  

Avoid consulting  with a psychic who offers services thru   telephone

I wouldn’t recommend phone psychic readings even though I personally know a reputable and trusted psychic reader who operates on a psychic hotline. The problem with this set-up is that some unscrupulous psychic company may employ just about anyone to talk to you thru phone.


It’s much safer to avail the services of someone who has an established base of clientele and is not employed by someone else.

Be wary of extremely low fees  

Even though high fees do not always translate to accurate readings, the cheap ones are hardly ever genuine.


Some ads tend to peg psychic reading at  45 cents a minute. Others go for $1.90 a minute. In choosing the one with the low fee, you are likely going to be speaking to someone who only uses basic intuition and not any special ability.

An unscrupulous psychic may tell you what you want to hear to make you stay on the line, instead of true predictions. Still some of those who charge a low fee may be legitimate. Problem is, he or she might be a newbie in the profession and is looking to have his/her first client.Although they may become better with time, they are less likely to deliver very accurate readings at the time.

On the other hand, a high price usually means the psychic has a long list of clients waiting on the line. The psychic’s clients are willing to pay extra  since they feel that they are getting value for their money. This is not to rule out that the psychic may be savvy at marketing himself/herself to attract numerous clients. Referrals can however help clear your doubts in such instances.  


Be wary and vigilant in enlisting the services of psychics. With your instincts, referrals and an inquisitive mind, you can weed out scam artists from legitimate practitioners.